Montrose North represents an exciting opportunity to acquire sites or premises in a strategic business location which has excellent transport links and benefits from a high profile by virtue of its location adjacent to the A92. The site will feature high quality buildings where individual occupiers specific requirements can also be met..

Montrose North is situated within Montrose which has a population of approximately 12,000, and can be found adjacent to the Forties Industrial Estate and Broomfield Industrial Estate.

The central location of Montrose with its excellent road, rail and sea communication links with other major cities make it the ideal centre for international trade and distribution throughout Scotland and Northern England.

The harbour provides a sheltered haven almost half a mile long with no tidal restrictions. Montrose also benefits from being only 40 miles south of Aberdeen and 38 miles north of Dundee making it the ideal location to attract a workforce from both Cities.

Furthermore, Montrose North is strategically placed to assist with the delivery of the proposed wind farms off the east coast of Scotland due for installation in 2015.


Regional Selective Assistance (RSA)

Any company locating on the site will be able to apply for a grant via the Regional Selective Assistance which is a discretionary grant scheme. The amount offered depends on a number of factors and further information on the eligibility of this can be found at

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